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Designed for Google Chrome

Create snippets of text to drag and drop into a form

Draggable Snips

Calling program related URL

Using the Snips

The Chrome Extension will automatically resize the FormSnips window to the left of your Chrome browser.


The user can then just drag and drop Snips to the form, no more tabbing between applications to cut and paste. This saves allot of time and form fill accuracy is excellent.

A later version of Form Snips will learn the positioning and auto fill the form next time the form is visited, watch this space!

System Integration

Passing data to the FormSnips page

An application/system can pre load the page with data snippits via the URL using the 'data' parameter, send a comma separated list or a JSON string.

For example here we pass a JSON string which contains field labels:{"Name":"John","Age":30,"Cars":{"Car1":"Ford","Car2":"BMW","Car3":"Fiat"}}

Alternatively a simple comma seperated list: John Doe, 324 Juniper Drive,Saginaw, Michigan, 48607, 989-830-7469

Automatically Loading the target Form

A related form can be specified and this will automatically be loaded in the right hand window. Here is an example of providing the optional related form link using the 'formurl' parameter:

Clicking the above example (you can try it when the Chrome is extension is installed) will show Form Snips in left window and the test form in the right window.

Intranet Version showcases the FormSnips software and the online version is free to use.

You may however prefer to run FormSnips on your company's intranet for complete control and ultimate security. FormSnips for Intranet including all source code is available to purchase and download from the link below. Lean Software Support will guide and help you get up and running on your local network. This process simply requires placing the FormSnips code on a IIS Server on your network. The Chrome Extension will be configured to work with your local server.

Purchase & Download FormSnips for Intranet

In Development

Button to auto fill the form!

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